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Attachment Parenting

Although the term “Attachment Parenting” has been coined fairly recently by an American pediatrician William Sears, it refers to a parenting and education philosophy that has been known and practiced for years. According to the theory, the Child forms a strong emotional bond with their parents (primary caregivers), which has a major impact on the Child’s functioning in different areas of life, their subjective well-being, and the ability to form meaningful relationships with other people in adult life. The key to helping the Child reach the fullest, individual potential is through forming the co-called secure attachment style, which is promoted by activities ensuing from the concept of attachment parenting.

Naturally, in infancy, the Child forms the strongest bonds with the parents; however, secondary attachments with other adults in the Child’s environment can also be formed, and these are just as important. This is why we, the people to whom you entrust the care of your Children, attach utmost importance to the quality of our day-to-day interactions, and consequently building good relations with your Children. Our activities are aimed at responding appropriately to your Children’s needs and, consequently, developing their sense of emotional security.

In line with the theory of Attachment Parenting:

  • We are open to babywearing and gently rocking the baby in a carrier.
  • We promote breastfeeding.
  • We make sure meals are eaten in a peaceful atmosphere, savouring the ritual of the table.
  • We provide safe space and time for sleep and rest in tune with your Child’s needs.
  • We know that crying and expressions of other emotions are the Child’s way to communicate their needs.
  • We practice attentive listening and we are sensitive to non-verbal communication cues.