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Goals and ideas

We are a team of experienced educators who are guided first and foremost by respect for children’s freedom and identity. Our greatest inspiration in the search for those solutions which best support children’s sustainable development is attachment parenting, non-violent communication, democratic education and educational approach developed by Maria Montessori. We keep developing and discovering new approaches and methods of supporting children. Yet we learn most from the children themselves, by close observation.

We are happy to be a part of the fascinating process of individual development of a Child. We build our community in an atmosphere of kindness, openness and cooperation, and we invite Parents to join these endeavours. Believing that the most important example for children is the adults who surround them, we put enormous effort into our own development and cohesion of the attitudes and values which we represent.

idee_foto_01We put a big emphasis on the children’s ability to cooperate with others, but also on their being able to perceive the world independently and thoughtfully. We nurture their innate curiousness and openness. We ensure that their everyday activities are filled with joy and satisfaction which come from discovering and experiencing the world.

idee_foto_02We pay special attention to pro-ecological attitude and holistic care of the environment, which is our common good. We choose healthy, high-quality food from reliable sources, use natural cleaning agents and support ecological solutions, such as reusable diapers. We show the children a broad context of people’s activities: the fact that we are all a part of a bigger picture and our choices affect the world we live in.

idee_foto_03A regular activity during the day is spending time outdoors (in every season of the year, since we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, there are only bad clothes). We have a big and full of attractions room for physical games, suitable for organized activities, such as Veronica Sherborne’s Developmental Movement for Children, as well as for spending time individually in accordance with every child’s needs and willingness.

idee_foto_04Each group is supervised by a teacher who speaks both Polish and English, so that children acquire foreign language easily and naturally (language immersion method). Children have access to simple but wisely-devised materials, toys and accessories which help gradually develop natural potential of the Child without inhibiting their imagination and creativity.

We believe that children, like all human beings, need to have control over the rhythm and pace of their day. We give them an environment which is interesting and inspiring but at the same time protects them from being over-stimulated by excessive incentives. It also provides them with time and space for reflection and privacy.

idee_foto_05During the day children can freely use spaces designed for resting and sleep. At mealtimes we encourage independence and autonomy: it is children who decide what and how much they eat.

Another approach close to our hearts is Baby-Led Weaning, and we successfully use it the youngest children groups. Older children put food on their plates themselves and they compose breakfast meals entirely on their own (by choosing from among healthy and natural products which they are given).

idee_foto_06We offer (but not coerce) additional activities – musical, physical, artistic – and meetings with interesting guests (including four-legged ones). We facilitate consultations with specialists from various fields: for example a speech and language therapist or a psychologist.

Each new Child participates in an individually planned adaptation process, in which they are accompanied by a Parent for as long as it is necessary. Being attentive and responsive, we adjust the conditions and our actions to a particular individual, not vice versa.

idee_foto_07Nursery and pre-school groups include children of different age, allowing them to establish and maintain various social contacts. Younger and older children learn from one another. They learn to use common resources, deal with conflicts, respect other people and be open to the needs of others. Groups composed of children of different age mirror the real life.

Approaches which we follow and ideas close to our hearts:

  • Maria Montessori Educational Approach – learn more