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BLW (Baby-led Weaning)

Once your Baby can sit upright unassisted and bring food in their hands to their mouth, it is time to stop exclusive breastfeeding and add new tastes to their diet. The BLW method based on the natural desire to explore, the development of age-appropriate motor skills, and respect for the Baby, allows parents to follow the Baby’s cues, needs and intuition. The method focuses on promoting the Baby’s independence and respecting their right to develop it at their own pace. This is achieved by offering Babies varied solid foods and letting them decide what, how much and how fast they want to eat. Although BLW requires adults to accept prolonged and messy meals, it brings unquestionable benefits: it promotes the Baby’s sensory and motor development and lets the Baby enjoy meals and the time they spend with the family. Babies weaned using the baby-led method are seldom picky eaters; they are open to new foods and willingly engage in new activities in other areas of life.