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Democratic Montessori preschool

A new nursery and pre-school in the Warsaw district of Bielany which follows the principles of attachment parenting, non-violent communication, educational approach developed by Maria Montessori and democratic education. Here children are treated as human beings.

(Polski) Lokalizacje
  • Zielona Wieża Bielany
    Nasza placówka znajduje się w Warszawie, przy ulicy Wergiliusza 5,
    w samym sercu zielonych Bielan, obok stacji metra Wawrzyszew.
  • Zielona Wieża Wilanów
    Kameralna placówka sieci Zielonej Wieży w dzielnicy Wilanów przy ul. Piechoty Łanowej 50 z własnym ogródkiem.
  • Zielona Wieża Włochy
    Przedszkole sieci Zielonej Wieży w dzielnicy Włochy przy ul. Sabały 29 A, doskonale skomunikowana ze Służewskim Centrum Biznesowym oraz z południem Warszawy. Z własnym ogródkiem.
  • Big and well-equipped rooms
  • Bilingual teacher in every group
  • Big and full of attractions room for physical games

Zielona Wieża is not a regular nursery or pre-school. We create a place where children are not a part of any program. We do not expect them to learn particular skills in specified time. We do not burden children with loads of additional courses aimed at transforming them into “little geniuses”.

We believe that a child’s development should not be hindered. We want to be close to children and help them discover their own way, not to choose one which seems right to us. We want to inspire, not stimulate. To create an interesting environment, show children the world, not to teach them or rush them. To foster values, but by setting an example, not through didactics.

Before setting up Zielona Wieża, we spent many months in preparations. Our starting point was making a list of values which are most important to us. Then we analyzed the heritage of all modern educational approaches, by breaking each of them down into their individual parts and building upon those foundation stones which create an interesting environment for children and help child care providers to become better companions to children.

The methods which inspired us most are the following:

  • Attachment Parenting – especially the belief in the power of building a relationship based on respect for another human being, albeit very young
  • Non-violent Communication – the willingness to address the needs of another person, instead of making demands and evaluations
  • democratic education – the belief that children do not need encouragement to discover the world, the key is not to restrain them
  • educational approach developed by Maria Montessori – close observation and following actual needs and interests of each child

Nevertheless, no method or approach is our dogma. We believe in respect for the identity and freedom of another human being: a child who joins us in Zielona Wieża.

For us, the process of defining the values which are important to us and searching for inspiring educational approaches does not end with the enrollment of the first child. It is an ongoing search which we hope to continue together with the parents of the children in Zielona Wieża.

If you share our outlook on raising children and if you want your child to be in a nursery or pre-school where children are treated like human beings, please contact us.